Voting Photo Contest: Win A Grobag Sleep Bag

Uncategorized Nov 05, 2020

Grobag is giving away 20 pieces of their sleep bags to winners who can get highest vote for their baby’s epic morning hair. The crazier it is the better! All you gotta do is submit your baby’s morning hair photo and share it with your friends to get as many votes as possible.

Click to enter.


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Anxiety in Children: Arrival of a New Sibling

Uncategorized Nov 05, 2020

This article first appeared in MamaAtWork on 17 July, 2014.

There are times when the cause of stress in children is a specific, known, traumatic event. In fact, children experience many such events in their daily lives. Some are mild, such as a friendly puppy jumps on a child and frightens her. Other traumas are more severe, such as long hospitalization following an illness, death of a family member, or natural disaster affecting the neighborhood. Sometimes even hearing of a frightening event or news on TV can be sufficient to traumatize children.

In this article, I’d like to highlight about stress in the arrival of a new sibling that could possibly affect a child’s sleep. Symptoms of stress around the new baby are:

  • Increase in separation anxiety, clingy, refusal to go to school or daycare, resistance to being alone in a room, especially at night.
  • Increased crying and temper tantrums, often triggered by insignificant incidents.
  • Increased fears and...
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Handling Sleep Regression

Uncategorized Nov 05, 2020

Well, well, what do you know… I have been coaching my clients to handle their child’s sleep challenges and regression, now I am faced with my own daughter’s sleep regression lol.

It has been going on for more than a week. She started to develop fear of the dark. She had been fine all these times to be left in the dark after lights out. She is not alone. She shares a room with her elder sister.

With my eldest, she usually falls asleep within 10 minutes from lights out. Thereafter, she usually doesn’t wake up even though there are fireworks blasting, thunderstorm, or her baby sister crying or throwing a tantrum next to her. Phew for that!

Back to her new development of the dark, this is normal as this age is when their imagination blossoms and runs wild. So I stayed with her for additional 5 minutes next to her in the dark initially. But this interaction is getting worse by the day – she wanted me to stay much longer and if I leave the room, she...

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Giving Toddlers Choices In Difficult Situations

Uncategorized Nov 05, 2020

The past two days was Hari Raya celebration madness. We were at my in laws on the eve and first day. Came home that night. Left first thing in the morning next day to see my 85 years old grandma in Kuala Pilah. Obviously there were many relatives who came to visit and to my 3yo daughter, it triggered her stranger anxiety.

I see how some families make their young child salam (kissing the hands of the elderly to show respect) even when they don’t want to. To me, it is disrespect to the child for making her do things that she doesn’t want to do and doesn’t understand in the first place. For a 3 year old, my daughter understands why she needs to salam when she meets families but that’s where she would put a stop – families that SHE is familiar and used to seeing on a regular basis.

When we balik kampung, I understand how my relatives are eager to see us again and can’t help themselves to talk, touch and carry my...

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How I Nighttime Toilet Train My 3 Year Old In A Week

Uncategorized Nov 05, 2020

Ever since my daughter had been toilet trained when she was about 2 years 4 months, I never pushed her to also be toilet trained at night. This went on for a year. During the time of one year, there was the transition from cot to bed. I thought it would be a good time for her to start night toilet training. However, learning from my experience with my eldest who is now 6, I know I should take it easy. I refused to use the mattress sheet protector and the thought of changing the wet sheets in the middle of the night really made me feel lazy just thinking about it. Besides, I did not want for her to go without diapers cold turkey.

Instead, what I did was wait until she’s ready. By this I mean, I could talk to her about the idea of staying dry in the night by her waking up on her own when she feels the urge to pee – and she has the mental capacity to understand it.

So about 2 weeks ago, I started discussing with her about the idea of her diapers staying dry in the morning....

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Drowsy But Awake Explained

Uncategorized Nov 05, 2020

“What is this ‘put down the baby drowsy but awake’ thing? It never works!”

Lots of parents ask me this in their effort to try to teach their baby to self settle. Well, ideally, putting down drowsy but awake is when you soothe your baby until he is calm, relaxed with eyes closed and then as you lay him down, he wakes just a little and then drift off to sleep.



That would be in a perfect world. Let’s face it, it doesn’t always work this way.

Depending on how much help your baby needs to go to sleep, for example if he is breastfed or rocked all the way to sleep, you can’t expect him to accept being put down awake the first and only time you try it. Say, if your child is patted to sleep, then the transition to no patting is a lot easier and faster as opposed to a baby who is feeding or rocked to sleep in your arms.

It is important to understand that there are gradual steps from a baby who is sleeping in your arms, to putting him down wide...

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Stress In Your Childhood Can Permanently Affect Your DNA

Uncategorized Nov 05, 2020

This is a real interesting study about how stress can shorten a part of your DNA sequence called Telomeres.

As emotional wellbeing approach is also used in my sleep consulting, I find this article to be very spot on proof that emotional health is just as important as their physical health.

Read more of the article by clicking the picture below.

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My Husband Had Obstructive Sleep Apnea

Last week, my hubby underwent a minor surgery to treat a minor obstructive sleep apnea (I find it so ironic that, while focusing on my daughters to be on good sleeping habits, I didn’t realize any earlier my husband was the one who had sleep related medical condition) that was going on for as long as I can remember since we got married. It really got to me, the way he had pauses in his breathing no matter which position he was sleeping in. I recorded his breathing on my iPhone and let him hear it the next day. It scared him. He didn’t realize that all those months I said to go have it checked out, I was being really serious about it. Thank goodness for the recording as proof.

Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) is a condition in which the flow of air pauses or decreases during breathing while you are asleep because the airway has become narrowed, blocked, or floppy. For adults, this condition could be due to being overweight, have large tonsils or tongue,...

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How I Got My 3 Year Old To Stop Resisting Naps At Daycare

naps play symbolic story Nov 05, 2020

Ever since my youngest daughter turned three years old recently, she thinks she has stepped into a “big girl world” and has been refusing naps like crazy! I know, how ironic for a child sleep consultant right? LOL. The one big change is her cot to bed transition. She is now sleeping in her big girl’s bed and she is soo proud of it which is now set up side by side with her elder sister’s bed. My eldest who is turning 6 in a couple of weeks, have obviously stopped napping a long time ago. Like all other younger siblings, she looks up and idolizes her sister so much. Hence the big girls don’t need to nap issue arise.

Not only was this situation happening at home, it was also happening at daycare. When I pick them up, her teacher would tell me  that Amelyn refused to nap. When it was time to nap, she threw a big fuss! The poor teacher had to soothe her, held Amelyn in her arms where she finally fell asleep. I thought this was a one...

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Our Vacation Experience With Sleep

sleeping bag travel Nov 05, 2020

It has been over two weeks since our vacation to Bali recently. It was a great break and family quality time. The girls had so much fun and overall, it was a pleasant and enjoyable trip. Much better than the ones before.

With my youngest, it had always been a little struggle whenever we travel because she is sensitive to her surroundings. Anything that was new and unfamiliar was very scary for her and she could never sleep well whenever we’re on vacation. Plus the fact that we were traveling, nap schedule always went erratic. That definitely contributed to the restless nights.

Since learning about emotional well-being and its importance when it comes to understanding a child’s fear, anxiety and emotions, I have been more prepared in that sense for our recent trip. It used to be about just bringing along her sleeping bag, pillow, Groclock and sticking as close as possible to her nap routine. What I did differently this time was for the playpen/cot to be sent to our villa...

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