I coach people to find clarity, become more of themselves and get paid more.

So you can have an amazing, fulfilled life and a profitable business.


I coach people to find clarity, become more of themselves and get paid more.

So you can have an amazing, fulfilled life and a profitable business.


Many people struggle with feeling like they're not good enough, experienced enough, know enough when starting in their business. Some feel like they’re spinning their wheels, hitting an upper limit and getting very little results in their business no matter what strategies they try.

If you feel like your life vision or business is stuck a the same place for a long time, it’s easy to start wondering if there’s something you’re not doing, there's something wrong with you or that you’re just not cut out for this.

I hear you.

I assure you, there’s nothing wrong with you and you’re certainly not alone in this.

You are enough as you are.

What you probably need is to see a new way or perspective on how your life and business can potentially grow without having doing anything grandiose or ending up with a burnout.

I help my clients create life-changing results by feeling confident, being visible so that their message is out there and more people know of them, so that they start attracting happy to pay clients.

The kind of goal-achieving method that actually works.

Wanna shift your mindset and energy to attract what you want?

Through my coaching business, the ease of income, the dream clients I serve, and the impact that I made are the result of this process.

Now I'm making this training available for you - at no cost.

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About Me

In my entrepreneurial experience since 2013, I created a business from the ground up, took up the space of being the most sought after Child Sleep Coach in Malaysia, offered parenting coaching programs and then pivoted into the space of life coaching and marketing in 2021.

I’ve worked with clients who are

  • brand new entrepreneurs with no experience who want to start their own business,
  • small home based business owners who want to turn their passion into a legit profitable business,
  • corporate leaders who want to transition into being a full time/part time business owners,
  • coaches who want to learn how to sell their coaching services,
  • consultants and coaches who want to clarify their message so that their ideal client actually want to buy from them.

I'm adventurous by nature, so that means all my life, I love trying new food, new experiences, new holiday destinations, new everything. That also means I love taking risks. It makes me feel alive.

I'm married to an amazing, supportive, and loving man and together, we raise 3 daughters.

If you're into Human Design, I'm a Projector with 5/1 profile. This is the most accurate "personality assessment" for me.

3 Simple Steps to Unlock

Your Brilliance

Step 1

Book a consult with me for 45 minutes for me to get to know you and your business and I help you identify how best to move forward if we are a good match to work together.

Step 2

When you're in, together, we will get clear with your vision and create a plan with simple processes and steps to get you to your goals.

Step 3

Put yourself out there, own your message, sell your offers and get paid. 

I know you’re a high achieving and passionate person who is unapologetic about being ambitious...

You're not willing to settle.

You're talented and uniquely gifted to change people’s lives.

You're in it for the long game.

You’re resilient in problem solving.

The challenge is, there are many days you feel distracted from your goals - fear, self doubt and critical voice creeping up, responsibilities with raising a family, and life in general.

You know there's a way out of this but somehow the thought of it is either too scary or overwhelming and it stops you from moving forward.

You believe that to be successful means you have to work super hard and you're just not available for it because you want to be present for your family.

You feel like if you go for your big dreams, it might not work out or you'd fail. This makes you feel defeated, demotivated and have thoughts such as maybe it’s not the time yet for me or maybe it’s just not meant for me.

So you wait and see and hope for the best, even though you know this is not how the real world works.

You know what I deeply believe about you?
• I believe that you deserve to have a life and business that is a reflection of your experience, knowledge, skills and wisdom.
• I believe that you deserve to have a business that supports your lifestyle.
• I believe you are enough.

I know this because I was just like you, with lots of self-doubt, impostor syndrome, fears and feeling like not enough.

That’s why I’m here to support you to achieve your big dreams.

Here’s Your Next Steps
to Get There:


Step 1
Book a free consult with me to identify your challenges, what you actually want and how to move forward with the discoveries.

Step 2
We’ll create a plan with simple process and steps to get you to your goals.

Step 3
Make more money, help more people and make even more impact.

Book your call now, so you can stop trying to figure out on your own and allow yourself to receive the support you deserve.

Start by stepping up and showing up for yourself.

Living an amazing life and growing a profitable business gets to be easy, when you remove all the resistance.

Book a consult and let's chat!

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