I teach solopreneurs in the helping niche to build authority and become more authentic in their personal brand. 

Your content is the place to get this done. Let me show you how.


I teach solopreneurs in the helping niche to build authority and become more authentic in their personal brand. 

Your content is the place to get this done. I'll help you take the guesswork out of branding and messaging so you will stand out, become the sought after person in your industry and keep your client roster full without any fancy funnels or manipulative persuasion tactics. Let me show you how.

How Much Is A Confusing Branding and Messaging Costing You?

Many solopreneurs who are heart-centred often struggle with personal branding and being authentic in their messaging that resonates with their audience.

You're feeling challenged about:

  • communicating the value you offer to your audience
  • wanting to put out content that your audience can relate to without using all those persuasion psychology to manipulate others
  • finding your voice on social media that's so busy
  • finding it puzzling on how much personal content to share with your audience as part of being authentic
  • keeping your online presence up-to-date with the constant evolving world of personal branding and content marketing
  • standing out in a noisy market, especially in a highly competitive industry


When you're not clear about who you are and who you help, people scroll past your content, your audience doesn't feel connected with your message, you miss the opportunity to create safety and trust, and potential clients don't buy your services.

Being authentically YOU online should be easy. Most people feel it's daunting and scary to say what they really want to say. So they end up becoming just like their competitors in the market and don't stand out.

About Me

In my entrepreneurial experience since 2013, I created a business from the ground up, took up the space of being the most sought after Child Sleep Coach in Malaysia, offered parenting coaching programs and then pivoted into the space of life coaching and marketing in 2021.

I’ve worked with clients who are

  • brand new entrepreneurs with no experience who want to start their own business,
  • small home based business owners who want to turn their passion into a legit profitable business,
  • corporate leaders who want to transition into being a full time/part time business owners,
  • coaches who want to learn how to sell their coaching services,
  • people who want to improve their intimate and personal relationships to be connected and meaningful.

I'm adventurous by nature, so that means all my life, I love trying new food, new experiences, new holiday destinations, new everything. That also means I love taking risks. It makes me feel alive.

I'm married to an amazing, supportive, and loving man and together, we raise 3 daughters.

If you're into Human Design, I'm a Projector with 5/1 profile. This is the most accurate "personality assessment" for me.

3 Simple Steps in Personal Genius Framework

Unlock your personal genius

Uncover your gifts and values and connect to your big why so that you are clear about who you serve using the Personal Genius Framework.

Create an authentic and clear message

With the Personal Genius Framework, you will feel confident and know exactly what to say in your content that serves your audience and speaks directly to your ideal clients.

Monetize your authority and influence

The 3-part framework will give you the structure and clear process goals to keep you clear headed on what to do everyday in your business to bring in more sales.

There are 2 ways you can learn the Personal Genius Framework. 

Option 1

Sign up for Courses (Online Workshops)

These courses are bite sized and designed to show you the breakdown parts of the 3-part framework.

Perfect for: Anyone new to Sarah's approach to building and growing small businesses and solopreneurs who want to learn and digest one topic at a time.


Option 2

Book a Private Mentoring Session

With a coach by your side, I can make an assessment on the areas of your branding and messaging that need to be improved, help you create an authentic and clear message, a bespoke plan for the next 90-120 days and gentle accountability to make sure you follow through. You will feel confident that you got it right.

You can choose to go with number of sessions, a VIP half day workshop, or a 4-month mentorship program.

Perfect for: Solopreneurs and small business owners who want their branding and messaging clarified with the help of a coach to make sure they're on the right path.


See the ways to work with me

Still unsure?

I understand. Any amount of investment in your business is an important one. 

Here's my generous offer. How about you get on a Messaging Makeover Session for 30 minutes with me and I'll give you an audit and a marketing plan that you can implement right away in your business; if they feel aligned.

If you're curious and you want to try it out first, let's get on a Zoom call or DM me on Instagram and let's chat about what's the next best step for you and your business. I'm positive that you can be successful, whether or not we work together. I know you're smart and resourceful like that ;)

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