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I'm Sarah Ong, intuitive sleep and parenting coach. 

I'm here to guide you with deep transformational experience to feel empowered to manage parenting challenges and restore connection, trust and respect. 

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Let's face it, trying to find the right information on sleep or parenting advices on Google is so overwhelming, contradicting and cookie cutter type of solution.


The old way of parenting with "power over" your children is no longer working. The world is so disconnected these days and anxiety runs high in so many families. The typical leave your baby to cry alone in the name of sleep training doesn't sit well with modern parenting that is craving attachment and connection.

The new paradigm in parenting is about being a leader who does not control or manipulate their children but to lead with love, confidence and trust in their children.

Emotional intelligence and being able to communicate well with our children are the core approach to achieve this and it require parents to do the inner work first.

When parents change, children's behaviour changes. No doubt about that.

This is why releasing your old beliefs based on the way you were parented and replacing it with new empowered beliefs will truly support your epic transformation.

Empathy, Connection & Communication

These are the core elements of Empowered Parenting.

I'm Sarah Ong.

Intuitive Sleep & Parenting Coach for parents who want to feel confident and authentic in the way they raise their children in alignment with their values.

I do understand though..

You're a great parent who loves her child with all her heart and would do anything for them.

But they do know how to push your hot buttons and it can feel like they're doing that just to annoy you.

Your anxiety level goes up and you're stuck not knowing how to handle the situation.

Sleep is at all time low and you're emotionally exhausted.

You want to be the best parent for your little ones without yelling, scolding, and feeling guilty after.

You wonder how other parents do it so well - they work full time or run a full time business and yet they seem to have it all together with such respectful and calm kids who sleep through the night!

This is a reality that I help my clients create for their family.

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