Hey there,

I'm Sarah Ong, Certified Child & Adult Sleep + Mama Coach.

I'm here to guide you in understanding you and your child's unique energetic blueprint, so that you can be the unapologetically badass mama that you are while also creating a parent-child relationship that is unique according to your child's Human Design type.

By knowing and understanding your child's uniqueness, you can easily solve many sleep and parenting issues.

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Meet the Coach

Hi, I’m Sarah!

I help families with young children to restore sleep in their homes so that they get the rest they need and raise happy vibes in their family.

If you're reading this, you probably are already experiencing some difficulties with your little one's sleep that's making you cry inside.

But like so many other new parents, you find the information and sleep advices in Google so overwhelming and so contradicting. You have no idea where to start and which method to follow.

Well, good news! I may be just what you're looking for. I help new parents like you by showing you the exact steps you need to implement to achieve your sleep goals.

My clients learn that by using gentle sleepwork, they can help each other in the family to sleep peacefully through the night, without ever having to leave their child to cry it out (Ferber method).

There's absolutely an alternative to latching or rocking your baby to sleep multiple times at night without resorting to the leaving your baby to cry it out to sleep by themselves. 

I'm a certified sleep coach who offers that alternative and I've helped hundreds of young families just like yours from getting very little sleep to sleeping through most nights!

How does that sound?


Here's how to get started

Gentle Sleep Community

I answer sleep and parenting questions in my weekly FB live Q&A sessions.

Self Learning Sleep Program

Overcome bedtime challenges, tackle night wakings, and improve your baby’s naps.

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