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The answers are within you. With the right mindset and coaching, it will help bring them into surface.

The way I coach is I am 100% present, I listen deeply and I coach around clarity and insight.

I don't know you and I don't pretend that I know better than you.

You and your body hold the wisdom that only you have access to.

My job is to help you connect deeply with your essence and intuition.

Here's what I know to be true. Your thoughts and feelings create your results.

Let's rearrange and reframe those thoughts and feelings to create new results. ❤️

I can’t wait to connect and serve you!

Azah Aziz, Founder of Kissahh

"Running a business for the first time has taken a toll on me emotionally and I experienced new emotions that I don’t know how to deal with. 

There are books on how to do business but none on how to handle the emotions. I needed help with that.

The content you share on Instagram resonated with me and I think you’re the right person to help me out with what I’m going through.

Initially I thought, is it worth it to pay this much? But where else can I get this? I was afraid that it’s going to be just another course and not gonna be helpful. Then I decided, this is for me and self improvement. It’s a risk I’m willing to take.

I love the fact that you’re casual with your coaching. You’re approachable and I feel safe to open up and share my feelings. Thank you for making it easy for me. When everything is so honest, it’s more effective. 

After a few sessions with you, I feel emotionally supported in my entrepreneurial journey. I learned the tools to handle the sadness and anger when they come up. Instead of dwelling over these feelings I move on faster and become more efficient in my work." 


Most would describe me as a mother, wife, and life coach. But in reality, I am so much more than that. And so are you.

We are not our bio. We are multi-dimensional and multi-passionate human beings. Let's not put ourselves into boxes that we have been indoctrinated into.

Join me on a journey of self-discovery, breaking free of unhelpful narratives and becoming more of who we authentically are.



Finding the right words to capture the issues we wish to overcome and/or desires to achieve can be life changing. Here are my specialties and key words and the list keeps growing: 

Self-Love and Healing. Personal Development & Growth. Entrepreneurship. Leadership. Heart-Driven. Impact-Driven.

Creativity. Spirituality. Laws of the Universe. Asian. Motherhood. Conscious Parenting. Human Design. Inner Child. Baby & Toddler Sleep.

Anti-Racism. Diversity. Thought Work. Generational Trauma. Multi-Cultural. Mixed Race. Emotional Intelligence.

Pilates. Body image. Body Intelligence. Marketing. Messaging. Online Courses. Profitable Coaching Business. Non-Niche. Niche Specific.


Komathy K, Founder of Ewolve

"I was going through a transition in my business. I felt discouraged and a little unsure about the direction I needed to take.

When i first heard your FB live session, I knew you were the person i needed to work with. You didn’t promise us the glitz and glam but you showed us that facing the messiness of the inner work is what’s going to be sustainable as a business owner.

I had some hesitation before working with you- financially and also I felt nervous about being honest and vulnerable with my life story.

You were authentic and direct at calling me out and that’s the beauty of your leadership. Yet you hold my hand and you walk together with me.

The release work and realising that everything I do comes from inside is my favourite part of the work with you.

As a result, my brand name was born and it’s a combination of my passion for healthy eating and evolution of me. I now have many ideas on how I can share tips on affordable healthy eating.

You’ve kept me grounded and overcome my biggest weakness that is my perfectionism."


Everyone’s journey is different. Find the right package for you:


RM300 and up

By number of sessions

  • 2-hour single session for RM300. Three sessions for RM800. Five sessions for RM1200.

  • Great for purpose and meaning of life discovery

  • Clarity on a specific challenge or big decisions to make in between transitions of life phases

  • Revisit concepts to renew, reframe and develop useful concepts and beliefs for navigating life.

  • You leave with a clear sense of who you are with certainty, feeling powerful to take inspired action from your purpose.

  • Book a free consult to determine the number of sessions needed for your situation



A single half day workshop (3 hours)

  • We look at your current offers and identify which ones worked well in the past
  • We give it a little tweak if necessary
  • I will give recommendations and best practices to plan your launches in a quarter
  • Release fears and unhelpful beliefs that are keeping you stuck
  • Step by step planning and marketing calendar template
  • This is useful for service based solopreneurs who need support to get out of their overthinking mind and into a focused state of mind to achieve their short term goal or outcome in their business
  • Book a free consult to see if we are a match in terms of our business and marketing philosophy



Billed monthly four times

  • 4-month coaching and mentorship with me.
  • For service based solopreneurs who are dedicated and committed to growing their business and actively building their business at this time
  • 1 VIP Kick-off and discovery call
  • Month 1: 4 x 1 hour sessions focused on annual business planning, market research on your audience and creating/tweaking your offers
  • Month 2: 2 x 1 hour sessions focused on consistent content creation strategy and light launches. 
  • Month 3: 2 x 1 hour sessions focused on resilience practices for emotional regulation and a rhythm in your daily or weekly progress
  • Month 4: 2 x 1 hour sessions focused on collaboration in your niche and expanding your reach to new audience
  • Grow a profitable business that's based on your ethical values, your energy, your heart and your authenticity. 
  • I will be your accountability support to keep you on track with your daily system goals.

Belle Siricord, Aspiring Actor

"I was at the lowest in my life at that point before I worked with you. I didn’t know where to start to improve my business. I want something that can help me with mindset shift on the overall picture.

I was drawn to your good vibes in your posts, videos and photos. I took up the consult call with you to really get to know and experience you. I notice in the call that I can really vibe with you and that was a sign that you’re the one i want to work with.

Even though I had the good vibes, I had doubts like what if halfway through our visions don’t align and how will Sarah coach then? Prior to working with you, I signed up with a course that sold a formula to grow your business as a freelancer. I learned that there’s no one formula that works for everyone. I was afraid that your program might be like that too.

But that doubt went away when I saw how you got on the same level as I did. It helped me so much in   a way like I’ve got a hand to hold. You knew the exact topics and challenges that I was experiencing in the moment. In that moment, I thought, oh okay this works.

The biggest transformation I’ve experienced is that I’m much better at handling my feelings when it comes to things not going the way I expected. I’ve learned to listen and trust my heart now.

I still doubt if quitting my job, going back to my hometown and start a local business is the right move.

But I can only plan for the future and work on manifesting with positive energy, but if I spend too much time thinking of the future, I won’t enjoy my present moment.

The mindset shift I’ve gotten from working with you - which “hard” do I prefer?

Being unhappy and miserable in a job with a stable income or have smaller income for now but doing something that I really like?

At the end of the day, I know at least I’ve tried and I can know for sure if it works or not."


 🎉 Wake up everyday and know exactly what you need to post to attract best fit clients.

🥳 Know how to sell & communicate your offer so people buy.

🎉 Have an offer that creates big results and transformation for your clients.

🥳 Find and hone in on your unique voice that cuts through the noise in the marketplace so that your best fit clients can find you.

🎉 Ditch everything you know about traditional business growth, sales and marketing and create a business that supports your lifestyle. Not the other way around.

🎉 You get to be more of you, express your authenticity and creativity so that your ideal clients and community will be a fan of your work.

🥳 Have a life and lifestyle that not only is extraordinary to you but also make high impact on others at the same time.


Roselle Lu, Life Coach

"Honestly, I have a decent amount of knowledge on sales, marketing and business strategies. I knew all the step by step framework. But somehow I kept delaying things, and stuck to the same routine I would normally do and that held be back from making the progress I desire.

I discovered that I was holding on to a belief that 'I don’t deserve to receive more'.

This belief was imprinted when I was a little child because my parents would say 'We don’t have enough money'.

From that experience, I was afraid to ask for more, always playing safe and it affected the way I make decisions in every areas of my life especially when it comes to finances.

Sarah helped me release this old belief about money and I'm now working on taking on my coaching business to the next level.

The blocks that once were holding me back are no longer there, now I gotta take aligned actions, show up authentically with confidence in what I’m called to do!"