Here are a few success stories from mums who have used our services.

"Before we came across Sarah’s sleep program, we struggled with putting Evan to bed. He needed to be constantly rocked to sleep in the hammock during nap and night time, and he wakes up between an interval of 2-3 hours during the night and won’t go back to sleep without nursing. As a first time parent, we can’t figure out whether he wakes up due to hunger or he is in need of comfort, hence we just nursed him back to sleep. We found Sarah and her approach is gentle and gradual and yet effective. It took us about 4 days, Evan managed to sleep through a stretch of 4-5 hours and now Evan has been able to sleep through the night. Sarah is very supportive, helpful and she understands how we feel as she guides us along. She is very responsive and we feel more confident and comfortable after every consultation session. "

Liz, mom to 13mth old Evan Chong, JOHOR

"In the beginning, I had cold feet about starting mainly coz my husband did not think I could do it. But I was determined to do this for the better of both Chloe and myself (actually it’s for me). I think he feels it’s cruel and I was not tough enough but he is underestimating me because I am quite fed up with this lousy and broken sleep. It was really hard too in the first few nights because I kept seeing like things were regressing. But I pressed on and she kept on getting better. She was also going through nap transition from 2 naps down to 1. Some days were better than others so I guess it will just take a bit more time for her to fully take 1 nap a day. Fast forward to 20 days later, Chloe’s sleep patterns are becoming more predictable and I think she has formed a routine led by her own natural sleep needs. Her night time sleep is anywhere from 9-10.5 hours and nap time is anywhere from 1-2 hours plus. Thank you for helping me throughout this journey. I no longer fear bed time or wait in anticipation fearing her night wakings because there are none. It is and has been an extraordinary journey and was only possible coz of your encouragement and your faith that we would be able to do it. Chloe is a much happier baby now and is not only more attentive but also eating much better as a result of the uninterrupted night sleep that she gets! I know this is what you do but THANK YOU because it has really made such a huge difference in our lives. "

Janice Ng, mom to 15 months old Chloe, Shah Alam

"I was pretty much dead against sleep training of any sorts for my baby, Sophia, as I'd wanted her to reach the sleep-through milestone on her own. Unfortunately, she was increasingly sensitive to being put down and each time she would cry - yes middle of the night too. Then came our house move which presented both the opportunity to move her into her bedroom and challenge - the fear of doing so, both on her and my end. I had a helper who was wonderfully patient with Sophia and her MOTN wakings, which kept the idea of "sleep training" at bay since she could really buffer out Sophia's MOTN wakings for me, especially on weekdays as I needed to work the next day. I hate baby cries but after speaking to Sarah, I was comforted that crying is not necessarily all harmful to babies. They are trying to communicate a need and sometimes as babies grow up, they will need to undergo some uncomfortable, out of routine changes for greater transformation to take place. We should embrace these and for me, I didn't want to be a crutch to my baby's development this way. Through the month long journey, Sarah was extremely patient in answering my questions - sometimes multiple emails in a day - and prompt in following up with the calls. That's honesty (I honestly didn't realise how many follow up calls I was supposed to get etc) I deeply appreciate the support. I also would recommend her method of using the "ladder of soothing" which worked well for Sophia (no check and leave for this baby as she's really pretty sensitive and angsty if she sees you enter and leave the room multiple times without picking her up.) I thought the ladder/progression of soothing was an effective balance between engaged settling and guiding Sophia towards increasing levels of independence. So here we are - Sophia is now able to sleep through for at least 8-9 hours from 7ish to 5am. Sometimes she wakes up for a milk feed and sometimes she doesn't. I have no idea if she has silent wakes (I'm not going to be staring at the camera the whole time!) but she's able to put herself back most of the times (well we all have bad nights, babies included!) But overall, this is a vast improvement from waking up at least 4-5 times a night, and at its worst, every 1-1.5 hours. We are all sleeping pretty well - my helper included, leaving us more energetic the next day for more quality time with Sophia. Many thanks to Sarah :) "

Jane, mom to Sophia 9 months old, Singapore
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"Before the sleep program, I had to nurse my baby to sleep at night. It took 1 to 2 hours before she fell into deep sleep. Then only I was able to put her in cot continue sleeping without crying. She would wake up every 1 to 2 hours for feed. Sometimes she would be wide awake at midnight and refused to go back to sleep. After engaging with Sarah’s service, I understand that my baby was actually overtired and her dependence on nursing was getting in the way of her getting good sleep. I couldn’t accept my baby to cry at all before this. I’d feel that I’m a bad mama if I let my baby cry. After Sarah explained to me the reasons why babies need to cry with parents’ loving support, I decided to give it a try. My first try was during one of the night wakings and she woke up crying wanting to latch. I was pretty sure that she was not hungry as I just fed her an hour ago. I carried her in my arms, allowed her to cry and told her that I was there to listen and be with her. To my surprise, she only cried about 5 minutes then looked at me calmly. I was able to put her down to cot and she fell asleep by herself. It was such an amazing experience to me. I couldn’t believe it happened as all the while I would need to nurse her to fall asleep! I am thrilled and overjoyed with the outcome as I never thought that my baby could sleep without nursing and bouncing. Both my baby and I are able to get more quality sleep now. I believe she is now a contented and happier baby. I really can’t thank Sarah enough for this to happen. A thousand thanks for your guidance and support. "

Sharon Chua, mom to 6 months old En Xi, Mutiara Damansara

"Thank you for your support and for hearing me throughout the journey, Sarah! Few months ago if you told me that my baby will be able to sleep on his own, I wouldn’t have believe it and can only say “perhaps one day”, and I don’t even know when that “one day” is. Again, so glad we took the plunge and didn’t wait any longer. Glad that you took the step to be a baby sleep coach and help parents-in-need like us! "

Kathie Wiehanne, mom to Owen 14 months, Petaling Jaya

"We went through a roller coaster journey for about 10 months putting our son Nathaniel to sleep before we approached Sarah. We struggled almost every night trying to either rock or nurse him to sleep. He will not be able to fall asleep on his own without needing our help, which sometimes take as long as 1 1/2 hours. I was emotionally burdened at the time because I’ll be stuck in one position lying down feeding my son which ended up giving me a very bad backache, resulting in severe lack of sleep. If we rock him to sleep instead, our arms and back became sore as he is a heavy baby. After contacting Sarah for help, she gave me the confidence to sleep train him by teaching me to approach my baby’s sleep in a gentler manner by listening to him and being by his side. During the first two days of training he cried because he was not used to the idea of sleeping on his own without needing help. I thought it would take me more than a week to train him. But by the third day, to my surprise, he would just lie down while I rubbed his chest to sleep, no tears involved! I was such a happy momma! After the third week of accompanying him to sleep by just lying down next to him, it was time for my husband to try it too. At first I was afraid that he might cry badly again as it wasn’t me who was accompanying him, but he did such a great job because he would accept his daddy sleeping with him. I felt so much more relieved now that I have my me-time during the night while daddy sleeps with him. After this program, I felt much more confident knowing what my son needs. "

Rebecca Yap, mom to 10 months old Nathaniel, Kuala Lumpur

"I do not know how to rate the overall experience as I am totally amazed at how it worked out within just a few days! Before the sleep program, Matthias used to cry a lot before his sleep at night, and I would say, he cried for AT LEAST 2 hours, on & off. I have done what I should do to make him fall asleep – walk, rock, swing, sing, or all at one go, but still, he couldn’t make himself sleep. This is quite a challenge to a new mummy like me! There’s once I got really tired and I even cried with him! I only can sleep at 3am, to get all my things done after he’s into his deep sleep at 12+am! After engaging with your program, I started to understand that how much sleep for a young baby like him needs. Now, he sleeps much much much earlier than before and I have more time to catch up on work. He would fall asleep himself when I put him down in bed halfway singing! Thank you Sarah! I am glad that I found you! "

Sharon Cheng, mom to Matthias 8 weeks old, Taman Bukit Idaman

"Words cannot express how grateful I felt when I found her online during one of those sleep deprived nights as a mother. Sarah helps families get better sleep by helping to address your child’s sleep. I like her approach as it is gentle towards both parents and children alike. She starts off by asking how we envision our sleeping situation with the baby to be – cosleeping? separate room for child? etc. And then she would develop a sleeping plan based on this and other factors like our parenting style and child’s temperament. I like that she always tells us to keep realistic goals as babies develop at different rates, all while coaching us through our frustrations and triumphs as we execute the sleeping plan. No judgements from her either. With Sarah, you always know that you are in a safe place to get real about your emotions as a parent – the good, the bad and the ugly. When we worked with Sarah, our daughter went from a kid that would wake up every hour to someone who could put herself to sleep. Amazing feat. I highly recommend her work if you are looking for a good night’s rest! "

Nadia Shamsuri, mom to 13 months old Safira, Mont Kiara

"My 18 months old son was waking up 3 times in an hour and would only fall asleep after being nursed. Just imagine waking up so many times through out the night. I just needed help so bad in getting him to sleep longer stretches and to night wean him. Thanks to a dear friend for introducing Sarah to me. I never thought I could do it but with Sarah’s help I managed to do so in just a week. Now, my son sleeps longer stretches and wakes up only a couple of times at night and I do not have to nurse him to sleep anymore. Hooray! It was such a gentle process and Sarah has been there supporting and guiding me throughout. Thank you Sarah you are a life or I’d say sleep saviour! It was lovely working with you. "

Amira Yusof, mom to Malik, Bandar Baru Bangi

"Before working with you, I struggled to get KJ to nap. He would cry and I had to walk, rock, pat and shush him to sleep, and then he would wake up after 20minutes. Now, I sing a lullaby, place him in his crib and he falls asleep within 10 minutes, usually without crying. His naps are still short, but not having to battle him to sleep makes it a lot more bearable! We are still working on getting naps to one full sleep cycle, trying different white noises but I’m already a much happier mom. Your advice to not stress out too much about perfect naps helped a lot. At the end, it wasn’t just about troubleshooting KJ’s nap habits, but also about me learning to listen to him and being more relaxed as a parent. "

Jia Mayne, mom to 4 months old KJ, Singapore

"Before becoming a new mom, my husband and I would sleep and nap whenever our heart desired. When fellow moms expressed to us that sleep is overrated and that sleep will never be the same again, I felt a little terrified and nervous. “What do you mean, sleep will never be the same again!” When my baby was born, as expected, I was waking up every 2-3 hours to feed for the first few months. In addition to nursing, my husband and I would use the “old” rocking chair and constantly rock and shhhh our baby to sleep. At the time, we had no idea we were forming bad sleep habits for our little one until after the 4 month regression occurred. My husband and I were waking up every hour to settle our son and the up and down motion of picking up our baby from his cot was wearing us out both physically and mentally. We were both going to work with little to no sleep and our baby was suffering as well. He was agitated, overtired and restless. It was then that I realised that my baby had become dependent on either my husband or I to put him to sleep. When Matteo turned 6 months, we decided to call Sarah Ong, the first certified sleep coach in Malaysia. Sarah’s holistic and gentle approach to sleep training definitely lured us in as this type of plan was more our style. Since implementing the program, Matteo went from waking up every hour to sleeping from 7 am to 3 am and then back to sleep until 6:30 am. The first night was the most challenging as expected since my baby had no idea how to fall asleep independently. With consistency and using the language of the program, my baby is now able to fall asleep with little to no fuss. Hiring Sarah was a game changer for our family. My husband and I are more rested, Matteo is more happy and the flow and energy of our home became more positive and energetic. After a recent trip to the USA, we started from square one of sleep training and just like that, he was able to get back on schedule and sleeping through the night. Feeling anxious due to starting from scratch again, I remember Sarah telling me, “that it would take a few days and that Matteo did not “forget.” And sure enough, she was right. The skills and strategies implemented were unforgettable. "

Araceli Arismendi, mom to 6 month old Matteo, Kuala Lumpur

"At the beginning the most challenging bit was to have a fixed day routine, but after the first few days, having that routine really helped us a lot in terms of getting our acts together and managing our time. The most sleep both Kahlil and I were getting, at best, was 2-3 hours at night at a time. The worst was when he woke up almost every 30-45 minutes. Putting him to nap or sleep (the first time and every time he woke up) was never easy; it would take us between 15 minutes to almost 2 hours with all the patting and rubbing. His naps were short at half an hour each, every 3-4 hours, and it stressed us out that we had to constantly watch the baby monitor for signs of movement just so we could rush in and pat him back to sleep before he could be fully awake. We couldn’t believe how easily he goes to sleep now, day naps and night time sleep. Most of the time, he goes to sleep as soon as we leave his room. And not just that, he self-soothes whenever he wakes up at night and goes straight back to sleep. Overall experience I would rate it as Excellent. Thanks so much for your help. It has really helped all three of us get better sleep! "

Sara Sukor & Dylan Ong, parents to 6 months old Kahlil, Taman Tun Dr Ismail

"My husband and I bought a hammock for Isabella when she was 2 months old as we found that the easiest way for her fall asleep was with that bouncing motion. We have even bounced her using the yoga ball for up to an hour in the middle of the night to make her fall asleep. Anyway, obviously she loved the hammock. Only problem is, she would wake up within a minute or so everytime the bouncing stopped! At first we thought she would be ok in time but 2 months down the road and it was the same. So in order to make sure she stays asleep, someone would have to be next to the hammock bouncing it the ENTIRE TIME. At night we would do the usual bouncing her to sleep (sometimes for up to an hour to make sure she's in deep sleep) and then slowly carry her upstairs to sleep in her bassinet. There were so many times when she would wake up in the night and i'd spend ages rocking the bassinet so that she's go back to sleep. Isabella was also waking up every 3 hours to feed and i suspected that that was actually a sleep association on top of the rocking. So this was obviously taking a toll on everybody as we can't do anything while she's napping and she now cannot sleep without motion. At this point I was constantly online researching ways to help her fall asleep without motion and read about sleep consultants. So I searched for one here and found Sarah. We had the initial phone consultation with Sarah, after which she recommended which package to take. She then sent us an assessment questionnaire and we arranged for her to come over to the house for our face-to-face session. Sarah is a very warm and engaging person. We told her what we needed help with and she came up with suggestions to solve our baby's sleeping problems. She helped so much during the duration of the programme via emails as well. Her approach is very gentle and creates a safe and nurturing environment for the baby. We started with night time and took our time. It was a little scary at first as we didn't know what to expect but we followed Sarah's advise and within a week Isabella was not only falling asleep BY HERSELF in the bassinet; she was also sleeping through the night!! We were amazed and more than a little shocked. After 2 weeks of this we decided to move on to naps. Within a week after that Isabella was taking all her naps in our bed. And a week after that, we moved her to her crib and now she only sleeps in her crib. She falls asleep on her own with minimal fuss (if any), and her naps are now about an hour to an hour and a half long. Sometimes she still has short 30-45 min naps but she is starting to slowly lengthen them. I feel like she is a much happier baby now and we understand her sleeping cues more and she understand her sleeping cues too! We went away for a long weekend a few weeks back and didn't have to worry about how she'd fall asleep without being bounced. So thank you Sarah for being such life saver, for all your encouragements and valuable advise. I would really recommend using Sarah's methods if your baby has sleeping issues as they really work. Your baby will thank you :) "

Marina Heng, Mom to Isabella 15 weeks old

"I was seriously deprived from sleep. My son used to nurse to sleep and frequently woke up every 2-3 hours to direct latch. Then, I changed a new job which required me to stay back to clear back logs. With my new job, my husband had to rock him to sleep. My son had no choice but to change his sleeping habit (eg not nurse to sleep) and had reduced big quantity of quality time with me before sleeping and during weekend. His sleep quality was affected drastically. He woke up many times as frequent as every 30/45/60/90 mins throughout the night to get assurance I am around to direct latch him. I was very tensed and so was he. I also felt very guilty and sorry for him, as if I could not give him more care and love. So I continue let him latch with hope that he can sleep better despite me feeling extremely tired mentally and physically. I used to read online articles/parenting books/breastfeeding info that parent should not let child cry and need to pay attention to him so to give confident and love which he needs as a toddler. I was put to understand that it is normal for kid for wanting DL/night feed which is good for them and we shall let him wean when he is ready. Actually, it is okay to let him cry but accompany him to assure he is attended but in a different way, a.k.a less DL. Acknowledged he is a capable human and definitely understand and able to do it. Talk to him and empower him that he can sleep by himself. When he cries, tell him it is ok for him to cry because he needs to release his emotion and tension due to change of habit. At the same time, show concern & companionship to let him feel he is attended to, he is secured and being loved. Despite him pushing me away and being yelled at because he did not want me stay near him. But I know he wants me to be with him because if I leave, he will run and stay near me. At that moment I knew he was just a lost toddler who didn’t know how to handle those emotions. Thanks Sarah, with your advice I know that is how he is healing himself thorough disposing/expressing negative emotions. As a parent, I should let him release his emotion instead of scolding him so he can stop crying/throwing tantrum. Just to share with your proudly and happily, that shortly after he can sleep by himself (with some sleep routine like singing 5 same lullabies and lightly pat + a bottle of milk), he also able to sleep well in nanny’s house, he even become the first who sleep among the kids in the sarung even others are still playing. Now, he can join them to sleep on tatami on the floor and no longer wake up easily by sound/noise. He has also passed the potty training faster than we expected. All I can say is a big thank you to you, Sarah. "

Siow Yin, mom to Li Jer 24 months, Kuala Lumpur

"My baby was waking up 6-7 times a night and would only fall asleep with the breast. I was very exhausted and desperate with the situation, I felt helpless and I didn’t know how to get out of the situation without losing the strong bond that I share with my baby. I saw immediate results with the program. My baby cried for A LOT the first night but once he knew that he was able to fall asleep by himself (without feeding to sleep), he only cried a little each night. It seemed like he understood very fast that he was allowed to cry and release his stress and that fact alone had an impact. The program gave me and my baby a lot of confidence and I feel that we can use the same approach for all future changes and sleep challenges. Sarah’s consultation was clear, convincing and customized to the individual needs of my family. Her great knowledge on aware parenting, her warm and giving personality and her excellent coaching skills made me feel understood, supported and determined to make a change. Thanks a lot for all your advice Sarah! I will certainly recommend you to other sleepless parents. "

Merle Wangerin, mom to 14 months old Liam, Bangsar

"When my good friend first told me she was using a sleep therapist on her daughter I was very skeptical about the effectiveness of sleep training a child. But when my husband and I had reached our breaking point with our then-17 month old daughter, I thought I had nothing to lose so I gave Sarah a go. And boy am I glad I did! Sarah is a very meticulous and dedicated therapist and she has her own way of conducting sessions. For me it began with a personal half-hour phone consultation (no obligation) and then she sent over some in-depth questionnaires about my daughter’s sleep schedule and her general temperament. From there she devised a personalised plan based on my goals for my daughter as well as what I was and was not willing to do (i.e. I was NOT willing to let my daughter just ‘cry it out’). She also managed my expectations by informing me it may take up to 2 weeks to see any improvements in my child’s sleep. Well after three very difficult nights, my daughter who used to wake up practically every hour was suddenly sleeping for 6-8 hour stretches. It was a miracle! Since then my husband and I have had almost no problems with our daughter’s sleep habits and we owe all this to Sarah. We have recommended her to countless friends as well. "

Anna Karina, mom to Maira 17 months old

"Kai was unable to fall asleep on his own and was unable to self-soothe when he woke up in the middle of the night as he has always been assisted to sleep for the whole year of his life. He had a strong milk & sleep association and so he needed his milk everytime he needs to be put back to sleep including his night wakings (which at some point was pretty bad as he woke up every 1.5-2 hours just like a newborn!). The milk association was so strong that it was easier for me to co-sleep with him to avoid having to go back and forth to his crib. It was really frustrating for us because not only we could not get a good night’s rest, but also because we know Kai was not getting enough sleep due to his frequent wakings. It was also quite troublesome to always need to prepare milk multiple times in the middle of night when he is supposed to already be able to sleep through at his age. Sarah’s approach was disciplined yet gentle as she emphasized on comforting the child through consistent application of methods. She was very open to listening to our concerns at times when I felt like this may not work for Kai and gave constant reassurance throughout the process. She shared insights that she herself has experienced as a parent as well as some of her other clients’ success stories as they went through a similar phase. These to me were extremely helpful. It took less than a week to get Kai to being able to sleep on his own and it felt amazing! He would be able to fall asleep on his own with very minimal (or even no) crying at all, and would sleep much longer before waking up again. Nowadays when he wakes up in the middle of the night, he is able to put himself back to sleep without any assistance at all (and definitely no milk!). What was a previously constant battle putting and keeping Kai to sleep is now a distant memory! Both my husband and I are able to spend a good amount of undisturbed quality time together and do our favorite past time of watching TV series or movies together to wind down before going to bed. Kai is now sleeping on his own in his own room. We rarely need to go in before he wakes up in the morning to start the day! Something I never thought could happen this soon before we went on this journey with Sarah "

Ayu Sastro, mom to Kai 11 months old, Jakarta

"I just wanted to thank you for everything. Last night Oli slept from 715pm till 610am. It was mind blowing. We never thought we would see this day. Still making small progresses here and there as the days go by! We are working on improving naps. That is still a challenge. He just wants to skip naps and keep playing. But it’s okay. Work in progress! Also, he is so much more a happier baby since he is more rested. And we find that learning to listen to his feelings and connecting with him, learning to differentiate between his emotional and physiological needs has made a huge difference in his daily temperament. He seems more playful and happy! Thumb sucking during daytime has decreased dramatically. I wouldn’t say it’s gone for good. Sometimes it still happens but definitely reduced! You’ve brought me back the joy of motherhood. There was a point when sleep deprivation really made me question if I could do this whole motherhood thing! Still tired these days but more good tired than frustrated tired. Thank you so much for all the support and guidance you have given us since January. You have not only restored our sleep but also opened up a new world about connecting with our baby and also taught us a whole new belief about crying. I have even personally benefited from my own emotional releases! I never would have thought that sleep and emotional wellbeing are deeply connected if I hadn’t gotten a consultation from you or watched the easypeasy sleepytime modules. Thank you for giving us back some of our sleep and but mostly for teaching us to be connected with our child and being comfortable listening to his feelings! "

Emilyn, mom to Oliver 6 months, Damansara Heights

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