5 Benefits of Sharing a Bedroom

room sharing Nov 05, 2020

Maybe you think having a room each for your kids would be ideal, but there are lots of benefits of sharing a bedroom among siblings. Many families have no choice in the matter, but my husband and I choose to have our girls sleep together in the room even though we have another two spare bedrooms in the house. When I was pregnant with my second daughter, the thought had already occurred to move our eldest daughter to her own bedroom. We never could do it before the arrival of the baby – procrastination, no time and many other excuses – so we decided to do it when my youngest was ready to move out of our bedroom.

You may think how on earth we managed to do it, how we handled the crying, and won’t one wake another up when sharing a bedroom? Well, most toddlers usually just sleep through loud noises even when his or her little sibling is crying. That is exactly the case with my eldest. Once she is asleep, she’s in deep sleep until wake up time.


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