7 Helpful Tips To Battling Your Toddler’s Bedtime Fears

nightmare Nov 05, 2020

Nightmares affect 50% of children and occur most often in the 3-6 year age group. Most of the time, up to about 5 years of age, they are not able to tell apart the dream and reality. Even after the child is frightened and awake, she would still think that the dream is real and still happening. It is usually monsters or hantu (ghosts) which haunt our young children at night since these are the threatening figures that our little ones are exposed to in books and television shows.

The way they express their fears depends a lot on how well they can communicate it to you according to their age and language skills. Perhaps your child is showing her fears when you tuck in to her bed, or when the light is off and the room is completely dark for few seconds before her eyes adjust to the darkness. Sometimes you might get a late night visitor to your bed. My 5 year old still occasionally comes to my side of the bed and wakes me up. But she is old enough to understand dream is not...

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