“Hi Sarah! Ive been having trouble in getting my 3yo daughter to sleep early and wake up early to school. Ideally would be good if she sleeps at 830pm and wakes up latest 730am.

She usually takes 1.5 -2 hours nap, waking up at 4.30pm afternoon.

Will it be good for a 3yo if I totally cut of her afternoon nap? Which I have tried snd she gets grumpy at dinner time 6pm but she could sleep at 830pm and wakes up at 7am.

Or should I cut her nap to one hour which is hard cause my MIL says she insists to sleep as she is tired because at night she sleeps at 1130pm and wakes up at 8am.

Her usual ambien sleeping habit is night sleeps at 11.30pm till 8am and afternoon she can sleep up to 3 hours till 6pm so if i cut her afternoon sleep to one hour or so is difficult she will insist to sleep back.

Btw, I’m a FTWM and my mother in law is taking care of her in the day time.

Need your help and advise.


Great question and a common problem among the 3 to 4 year...