How to get your baby to fall asleep quickly

When the usual lullaby or pre-bedtime snuggles don’t work, here are a few reliable tips for moms and dads when you want to quickly lull your child to sleep

  1. Enforce a regular (early) bedtime

Having a bedtime that’s about the same very day (including weekends) can be very helpful to assist your baby to fall asleep quickly. That’s because the circadian rhythm and body clock work in favour of this. Falling asleep from the end of a bedtime routine in 15-20 minutes is a healthy range.

2. Create the ideal sleep environment 

The bedroom environment should make them feel comfortable, safe, relaxed and sleepy. 

Sound: You could use white noise or a lullaby in the background

Sight: You could have the bedroom completely dark using blackout curtains/blinds or opt for night light. Make sure to use a warm coloured night light and placed away from your baby’s sleeping place.

Smell: Use a lovey that has mummy’s scent or diffuse calming essential oils. ...

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