Striking A Balance For Working Mothers

partnership Nov 05, 2020

Striking a balance between family and career for full time working parents, especially mothers, is so crucial to the family’s well being. Being a full time working mother and a part time child sleep consultant myself, I know how many hats we have to wear every day from a corporate hat, employee hat, wife hat, mother hat, to daughter hat and many more. To switch from one hat to another is very taxing if all the responsibilities are borne by the mother alone. Not mentioning the worry and guilt they have to endure by leaving their young children at daycares that are not equipped with highly trained caregivers. Simply because high quality and affordable daycare centers are impossible to find. Some mothers just do not have the choice because their working hours are not flexible to suit a young child’s needs. As a result, these poor mothers just have to choose a daycare which is so-so because that is all they can afford. Let’s not even get started with the lack of knowledge in baby/toddler/preschooler sleep!

Now there is a team of two mothers, who share the same passion to bring that balance into all Malaysian working mothers’ lives (be it full time or part time). Meet Anna Ariffin and Nadiah Muhamad Noor, co-founders of Mama At Work Enterprise. They want to raise awareness of the importance of family friendly workplaces for Malaysia as an economy in order to retain the workforce as we work towards achieving developed nation status by 2020. This is a huge deal for them, and I can safely say this for all working mothers that it is a huge deal for them too. How do I know this? Well, they launched a crowdfunding campaign in March on to raise funds for the construction and development of Within a week they had reached 30% of their funding goal and they managed to achieve their target in just over a month. Now that’s what I call a huge deal.

They are starting small by using a web portal – – as a platform for resources from how to handle being pregnant at work, to maternity laws and rights in Malaysia, to the latest news on daycare and domestic help, to choosing the right daycare for one’s children. The directory section will list various relevant services (registered daycares, medical facilities, confinement resources, child development centers) with user submitted reviews and rating of the services, akin to that of They also wish to feature every day working mothers on a weekly basis to inspire all the working mothers out there on how to balance their families and careers. A little way down the road they hope to feature employers and Malaysian firms with family friendly policies.

The web portal is still under construction and targeted to launch sometime in May 2013. In the meantime, check out their fb page

I am happy to announce Sleep Champ Baby and Mama At Work are forming a strategic partnership that would use our complementary expertise and passion to achieve our goals to bring balance for working mothers and into families ultimately. Sleep Champ Baby and Mama At Work would closely collaborate on joint marketing initiatives of any new and current services offered. Please show them some love by liking and following their progress on their Facebook page!


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