My Daughters’ Sleep During Vacation

naps sleeping bag travel Nov 05, 2020

My 5 year old had been asking and asking to go for a vacation or in her words “sleep in a hotel room” ever since the school holidays started. Last Friday, we went for a short 3D2N trip at Swiss Garden Damai Laut, Lumut. It was also planned to coincide with my husband’s best man’s wedding in Sitiawan.

Previously, I would prepare for the trip at least a day before. Making sure that I brought their sleep stuff along to make it as familiar as possible in a new environment. I would also make sure that by the time we check in, we would ask for a baby cot. Due to very busy schedule leading up to the trip, I had no time to do any of that! Oh boy.. I thought I was in for a couple of crazy nights.

The things that I forgot to bring along were Amelyn’s baby sleep bag, GroClock and her lovey – bantal busuk.

So we arrived, checked in and requested for a baby cot. When the cot arrived, it was so sad. It was basically a pack and play with a thin mattress. My heart just sank. During the first night, bedtime was relatively easy for her as she was tired from all the activities at the swimming pool and the beach. But because she didn’t have any sleeping bag, she woke up because it was too cold. Then she asked for milk, then she pooped! She didn’t want to go to back to sleep in the pack and play, so I brought her into our bed. We co-slept, all four of us, on the king sized bed. I didn’t mind the co-sleeping idea so much, and I thought maybe Amelyn would be able to co-sleep well now that she’s older.

I was so wrong. She kept moving, tossing from one side to another, hitting my face and body, kicking her sister next to her. I haven’t had sleep disruption in a LONG time so that experience was not pleasant at all!

2013-12-14 13.03.39
The gifts they got from Uncle Ali’s wedding

Her naps were okay going there and coming back as our car travel coincided with her midday nap. The second day, which was the wedding day, she only took 15 minutes nap. That’s as good as no nap at all really. By dinner time, she fell asleep in our arms so we took turns eating dinner. LOL.

Night 2 was just as bad. She woke up at 6am and made so much noise.. grrr at that point I wished the GroClock was brought along. Oh and one of those nights, we heard a thud and it was Ariyana who fell of the bed haha… poor girl.. but she didn’t cry, she got up the bed and went back to sleep just like that.

Getting back to the sleep routine when we got home was like a Christmas present for me. To be able to sleep on my familiar bed and not have anyone kick or punch me through the night was just awesome. The loud snoring by the husband was still there though. But it’s something that I’ve gotten used to over the years 😀

2013-12-15 09.54.43
Pool time is always a great time


So in hindsight, travel is a big thing for young children and there is only so much we can do to prepare (or not, in my case :p). As long as the timing of naps and activities are similar to what they usually do back home, it’s much easier to be flexible in that sense. In future, I would definitely consider getting an extra bed! No more in denial thinking our children are still small.

If you had recently traveled with your baby or kids, how did it go? What were the tools and tricks you used to get your family sleeping well?


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