How to juggle motherhood with 2 or more kids.

motherhood siblings Nov 05, 2020

In the Rhythm of Parenting FB community, a couple of moms asked this question because one of them just had her second baby and the other one is thinking of trying for a second one soon, but she has fears about what that would be like having two little babies so close in their age gap.

So the topic in this FB live was about what you can do to prepare your first child for the arrival of the new sibling and what NOT to say.

Here is the summary from that FB live:

  1. Depending on his age, you can prepare him by reading books, showing pictures, role-playing with dolls, or simply talking about the coming event.
  2. Don’t say his new sibling will be his playmate because he will be disappointed when he discovers that the baby can’t do much. He won’t understand “in future” as he doesn’t have any understanding of time yet.
  3. Be prepared that your child will still feel angry and resentful. Show plenty of love and attention esp 1:1 time. 10-15 mins is good enough.  Also make room for lots of tantrums and crying episodes.
  4. Try to involve dad in bedtime and other caregiving activities as much as possible before the baby arrives. This will reduce the sudden shock when dad has to take over once the baby arrives and you won’t be able to do much of that anymore.

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