Gentle Method To Make Naps Last Longer

naps Nov 05, 2020

I’m gonna let you in on a method to get your baby or toddler to nap longer. I have tried this several times on Amelyn and most of the time it works. Please bear in mind that what works for my child may not work for yours and what works for most babies may not work for yours either. :):) The method is called “Wake To Sleep”.

What is Wake To Sleep method? Well, this is the only exception to the rule of never wake a sleeping baby. It is to gently wake the baby up just before she comes to the end of her sleep cycle, can range from thirty to forty five minutes, and shushing her back to sleep again.

How do I do that? First recognize your child’s nap patterns. Let’s say she wakes up on the mark at 45 minutes. This is no coincidence. This means her sleep cycle lasts 45 minutes. What you do next is to go to her after 40 minutes of nap and you rub her back, stroke her hair or simply call her name if she’s a light sleeper. When she is rousing, you can either be quiet (if your baby would wake fully upon hearing or seeing you) or you can shush/pat her intermittently to ease the transition into the next sleep cycle of deeper sleep.

This method is a little tricky and can be hit or miss but sometimes it can be enough to get her through the next sleep cycle and may buy you another 45 minutes! My little one has a sleep cycle of 50 minutes and when I applied this method, she can nap longer up to about 1.5 hours. For me, it works only when the timing is right when I rouse her.

What are the effective ways you have tried to get your baby to prolong his/her nap? Share your tips in the comment!

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