Early bedtime vs late bedtime – which is right?

bedtime routine Nov 05, 2020

Our lifestyle and culture greatly impact our children’s bedtime.

The most common sleep arrangement for Asians is co-sleeping either by bedsharing or room sharing.

In our culture, our babies also tend to go to bed later than other babies in other parts of the world.

With that said, whilst we want our baby to get enough sleep, we also need to consider whether we are stay at home, work at home or work-outside-the-home parent.

This will greatly determine the time our baby goes to bed for the night.

A working parent would most likely want to have some downtime and connection with her baby after a long day apart from each other, which also means bedtime is pushed later to typically around 9pm.

A stay at home mom, on the other hand, will spend time caregiving her child full time and this also means she’s more flexible with putting her baby down early around 7pm.

So there is no right or wrong bedtime. Just a bedtime that works for the family dynamics and lifestyle.

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