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Uncategorized Nov 05, 2020

I was once asked how I manage to run a solopreneur business, raise two daughters and take care of the household without a helper.

To some moms, they think I manage this effortlessly and that I am ‘lucky’ to have it so easy.


I never thought I’d share my daily routine with anyone but I thought it would make you see that I struggle just like any other moms – with or without helper.

I used to have a helper, well, 3 altogether actually, one after another. But by the third time it didn’t work out, my husband and I decided not to hire anymore and just work around our own resources as a team.

The last helper I had was 3 years ago.

It was really hard, and it still is! But I suppose when our children are bigger and that they can shoulder some responsibilities, it does help a little.

So typically, this is what my day would look like:

5am – Alarm goes off
5.30am – Showered and work on draft emails or sleep plans for clients

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Are You ‘Abandoning’ Your Baby If You Stop Breastfeeding Her To Sleep?

As I am focusing on creating my newest course, Easy Peasy Sleepytime, the more the universe is showing me that the topic around crying and sleeping must be talked about more openly.

You might already know how passionate I am about the healing power of crying. I want to educate parents on how crying can be so healing, and to offer a reframe on the misunderstanding or perception around crying.

There seems to be a strong cultural ideas and beliefs about suffering, that it is something that we should avoid by all means.

Suffering is believed to be a negative feeling so we should not acknowledge, a feeling that we should avoid, and that we should “be strong”, to just suck it up and don’t talk openly about it.

I think for most of us, tears are also an indication of suffering. So it’s almost as if by stopping the tears we could stop the suffering.

Especially so for our own baby or child.

A very common situation that breastfeeding moms highlight to me with...

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Got Tantrums During Holiday? No Problem!

I am back home and while the trip was super fun (despite it being a rainy season), I am not going to tell you all about the fun stuff we did.

Instead, I want to share with you the “ugly side” of holidays that usually people don’t share or talk about when they travel with little children.

You know what I’m talking about. The whining, agitation, tantrums, overstimulation.

That was me and Miss 4 on the first night of our trip. What happened here was the “calm” tail end of a MASSIVE tantrum. She was still crying that point.

Maybe it’s the holiday effect, but I was very calm and connected with her tantrums.

It all began when she showed her agitation when we were out for dinner. Instead of getting upset with her “difficult behavior”, I traced back what happened earlier in the day.

The night before the trip, she fell asleep at 7pm and woke up at 6.15am. From the time she woke up, there were excitement, movement with last minute...

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How I Helped Cut Down My Preschooler’s Crazy Snacking Binge

Uncategorized Nov 05, 2020

Parenting struggles… oh don’t we all have them. I have LOTS of struggles, just like any other moms on this planet. I don’t know about you but there is one thing that I struggle with my little daughter; and that is her constant demands for snacks

In fact, I have been struggling with this for months, maybe even years.

It is driving me INSANE!

She comes home from school and she looks at the snack stash cabinet
She comes home from school and she checks out the snack stash cabinet. I know how it looks dangerous and all, but she has been very good at staying safe while climbing..

Believe me, I have tried so many things to help her cut down her snacking. Nothing seemed to work.

From all the nice ways like asking nicely with ‘please’, begging and bribing (I know this is not nice but it seems peaceful LOL), to using power over approach when all that nice ways did not work, andI got angry and frustrated.I just said no with so much power and no room for negotiation each time she...

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How Listening Sorted Out What Really Bothered My Pre-schooler

The past couple of weeks, my 4yo has started practicing for her concert performance daily at school. At first, she seemed very excited about it and would come home and show me the steps. So cute.

About a week ago, I heard remarks from her like “I’m not good enough”, “I don’t know a lot of things”, “I practiced so hard and yet I am not picked”.

I tried to ask her casually about it because probing usually doesn’t give me a direct answer.

She seemed to not be able put into words what she was not happy about, so she just shrugged it off.

We went on playing a lot of power-reversal games to work on her wanting to snack constantly throughout the day (that is another story).

All the games we have played gave her a sense of being powerful and have choices on the outcome she wishes to see. This has helped tremendously in cutting down on her incessant request for snacks. I’m very happy and pleased with it.

From the power-reversal...

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“Don’t Sleep! Don’t Close Your Eyes!”

I want to share with you a new game that we play at bedtime. I call it the “Don’t Sleep, Don’t Close Your Eyes Game”.

Before that, I’d like to explain why I incorporate games into my sleep program and why it is so effective. Games that I play during my Present Time with my daughters not only help with discipline but it is such a powerful tool to gain cooperation and of them doing less of the things I don’t want them to do.

Present Time is all about connection, power and choice.

When babies’ and young children’s core needs – such as connection and choice – get met, which means their high-energy connection cup filled up, which means they are more likely to cooperate and much less likely to do things that we don’t want them to do.

This applies to going to the bedroom, falling asleep, brushing teeth, getting ready in the morning for pre-school, sitting down during meals, playing nicely with their sibling and so on.


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3 Ways to Get Your Late-Night Baby to Go to Sleep Earlier

Most parents want their baby to sleep early to ensure that they get as much rest as they need. However, many parents struggle with the fact that – for various reasons – their baby either refuses to sleep or takes a very long time to get to dreamland.

There are several things that you want to take into consideration to make bedtime less stressful:

1. Look at your baby’s schedule

If your baby’s bedtime is between 10-11pm, your child is most likely waking up around 9-10am every morning. This schedule might be normal for working parents who want to come home and have some time to wind down and connect with their child.

For parents who want their child to sleep earlier, start by waking them up 15 minutes earlier for 3 – 4 days until you reach the desired wake up time. You can’t expect your baby to sleep early when he wakes at 10am, in this case. His body clock doesn’t work that way.

 2. Look at the level of connection with your baby


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How To Tell If My Baby Is Crying Out Of Hunger Or Something Else?

So many of us mothers, including myself, have this fear of starving our baby. If a baby is crying non-stop, the first thought that comes to mind would most probably be “maybe she didn’t have enough earlier” or “she’s probably needing more milk now” especially when we are breastfeeding.

This makes first time breastfeeding moms feel like their milk supply is inadequate and they resort to topping up with formula when it’s really not necessary.

For older babies, they seem to be constantly nursing because mom is feeding “on cue”. The truth is, the older the baby is, the lesser frequency of feeding she needs.


Her stomach is growing bigger just as she is growing bigger, so she is able to hold in more milk plus the solids that she is taking.

Babies who are nursing more than they need perhaps have showed an indication of feelings that need to be expressed by crying, but the need to release pent-up feelings have been misunderstood by...

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Crying or playing in the middle of the night – how can I help my baby back to sleep?

crying laughter release Nov 05, 2020


Thanks to the number of questions I received from my Facebook page a couple of weeks ago, I am now writing on how you can help your baby back to sleep when he or she starts crying or playing for hours in the night refusing to fall asleep.

First, I would like to share with you a theory in Aware Parenting what babies and children need in order to relax and fall asleep easily, AND stay asleep for as long as they need to.

According to my Aware Parenting mentor Marion Rose, these key ingredients are what babies and children need to sleep.
sound sleep ingredients



Let’s talk about tiredness and how to read your baby’s cues of tiredness.

The obvious ones are yawning, rubbing their eyes, scratching their head, their eyes looking a bit red, spacing out, being clumsy and less coordinated.

However, in Aware Parenting perspective, whining, being cranky and crying are not cues for tiredness. Instead, these behaviors are considered as our natural mechanism to release stress, tension, fear...

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Akyd’s Journey To Sweet Sleep

Sleep consultant?  Don’t get us wrong. We are not insomnia. I am sleep lover! Hahah. This is for our baby, Akyd.

Why we are looking for expert/consultant?

– He sleep very late up to 12-2 am.
– He only can sleep with nursing. Continue wake up for every 2 hours. Just to pacifiy him
– My wife become HUMAN PACIFIER to him.
– Since my wife become his human pacifier, my wife even could not move/change position. Can you imagine?
– My wife is expecting 3 months. If this condition/situation continue until our new baby come out, I cant imagine how tired my wife would be to accommodate both babies
– We don’t have really quality sleep every night.
– I as father/husband I really2 helpless –  don’t know how to help/support my wife and son.

During the first few months Akyd came to the world, we have attended this one workshop for early parents in Sg. Buloh and Sarah Ong, Sleep Consultant also one of the speaker during the...

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