It’s always a good idea and good practice for you to put your baby on their back to sleep, no matter what their age is but ESPECIALLY in the first 3 months.

Babies who are between 0-3 months have not mastered the skill of rolling over on their own, and their neck and back muscles are not strong enough to hold up or change their head’s position to take in oxygen and breathe properly when they are on their tummy.

The best way to do this is to swaddle your newborn. Not only will it give the snug and safe effect to lessen the startle reflex, the swaddle will keep your baby safe from rolling over.

But when your baby is in the 4-6 months range, this is when most babies are able to roll over themselves.

At this age, even though you see that they prefer to sleep on their tummy, always put them down in the cot or bed on their backs. When they roll over themselves, then simply allow your baby to sleep on their tummy.

She likely also has the muscle control and neurological...